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The Harper’s Favorite Canal Song!

The General Harrison by Drab Irish Band is my boys’ favorite canal song ever! They asked to sing it every day we studied about canals, and they even made up their own verses. If you are looking for a fun canal song that you can’t help but dance to, this is the song for you. Fun Fact: You can go ride the General Harrison in person by traveling to the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency in Piqua, OH.

The General Harrison – YouTube

To hear Captain Pearl “Skinny” Nye singing canal era songs, clink the links below:

The Nye Family – Credit www.loc.gov

Moonlight Dance (Yellowbud gals); Canal Boat Wedding; Down the River | Library of Congress (loc.gov) (PDF of lyrics available on site)

Take a Trip on the Canal if You Want to Have Fun [part 1 of 3] | Library of Congress (loc.gov)