Fish in Cornmeal
This recipe has become a family favorite that we make almost weekly. However, we do like a little more flavor to our coating, so we use the following recipe instead. Enjoy!
For a more flavorful coating try this instead:
1/2 cup – cornmeal
2 tablespoons – flour
2 teaspoons – salt
1 teaspoon – pepper
1 teaspoon – garlic powder

Homemade Egg Noodles
Check out this really easy and fun recipe! We added an extra egg because we used gluten free flour, and it needed an extra egg to keep it from crumbling. Every piece was a different shape and thickness because the boys did most of the rolling and cutting, but they had a blast and the noodles still tasted great. This recipe made enough noodles for our family of 5 to enjoy as a side but if you are noodle lovers, you’ll want to double this recipe. Enjoy!