Every child dreams of doing something exciting with their life. I wanted to be an author and a cowgirl! While I spent many years in the saddle growing up, I did less with my writing dreams until now. This September I will be publishing my very first book! I have created the Have Books, Will […]

Making Family Travel Extra Special

I absolutely love making memories with my family! While travel prep can be a bit stressful, it is so much fun to travel with my husband and three boys. There is something extra precious about a place when we get to enjoy it with those we love most! Last year, we went to CVNP and […]

My favorite children’s canal book

In all my research on canal boats I found many wonderful resources! As a lover of children’s books, I found The Erie Canal by Peter Spier to be one of my favorites. Mr. Spier did a fantastic job bringing many different scenes from the canal world to life thought his detailed illustrations. I do not […]