I absolutely love making memories with my family! While travel prep can be a bit stressful, it is so much fun to travel with my husband and three boys. There is something extra precious about a place when we get to enjoy it with those we love most!

Last year, we went to CVNP and enjoyed a day riding our bikes along the trail without giving the boys much knowledge of CVNP history beforehand. We had a great time but every time we passed a significant historical location, such as locks or aqueducts, the boys were pretty uninterested.

This year, we read Exploring Ohio Canals and Silver Ribbon Skinny before going to CVNP. We made recipes, learned canal songs, and played canal era games. We had a blast and boys now had a good understanding of canal history. Jonathan and I definitely noticed a difference in how the boys engaged with their surroundings. This year they were so excited every time we found a sign along the towpath trail! In this picture, the boys discovered a lock at Beaver Marsh that I didn’t know about they were very proud of themselves! You can see the excitement in their faces. The year before, they would have just walk right past.

Their interest inside the museum also changed. The learning they did at home piqued their interest and this year they actually spent time learning in the museum, without me encouraging them to! It was amazing to watch them light up with interest as our mini vacation turned into an amazing learning opportunity before our eyes!

It was a real blessing to see my boys enjoy the books, activities, and vacation in such a significant way and it is my hope that the Have Books, Will Travel series will bless you and your family in the same way!

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